Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio

Band:  Rage Against The Machine
Song:  Guerrilla Radio
Album:  Rage Against The Machine
Genre:  Nu-Metal
Language:  Strong

I was asked by a friends to join a band recently.  This is cool, but what he wanted me to do is play bass, and I'm not too fast at that.  He was forming a punk band and I'm more of a chill bassist.

I decided to practice up by playing Rage basslines.  They were simple enough for me to pick up quickly but fast-ish enough to pretend I was learning something.

I didn't learn this song so I'm not sure why I led in with that story, but hey, whatevs, right?

This is probably one of my favorite RAtM songs, so I hope ya dig it.

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