Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pig Destroyer - Sis

Band:  Pig Destroyer
Song:  Sis
Album:  Book Burner
Genre:  Metalcore
Language:  Strong

I really couldn't really have a Grind themed month without mentioning Pig Destroyer.  Originally toying with the names Cop Killer and Cop Destroyer, they decided to switch it up to a slightly more subtle option.  Though active since '97, they really hit it off in 2001 when they released their album Prowler In The Yard.

Basically every year that goes past their sound tightens up a little and the group improves.  Personally I would say dropping the political stance of earlier music is a good thing since they won't make an impact so much in a scene like this.

The really cool thing is that they were operating as a 3 piece outfit for several years, just drums, guitar, and vocals.  They picked up a guy on electronics in 2006, but it wasn't until like 2014 they even got a bass player.

Solid sound for such a stripped down act.

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