Monday, March 19, 2018

A to Z 2k18: Theme Reveal

Band:  Too Many Zooz
Song;  F.W.S.
Album:  F Note (2014)
Genre:  Brass House

Welcome to the official theme reveal for this year's A to Z!  Finna be lit.

This year I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to highlight lesser known bands.  Albums were a wreck to do since very few people have started an album with the letter X, and I feel like song titles would be an easy way out, so we're gonna continue, like last year, to rock out with band names.

To start with the intro to this wonderful theme I figured I'd hit you with the band you've probably heard, but have no clue who they are, Too Many Zooz.

Take a peek at the above video, I'm sure you'll recognize them pretty quickly as they've made their way around the ol' Facebook newsfeed several times that I know of.

I really loved their sound, but I wasn't at all familiar with what they were playing, or who they were.  After a while though I had a friend link some of their music to me.  He told me their genre was Brass House, and I've had a blast going through different bands that identify with that genre.  Like, my goodness, this is fantastic music.  From what I'm seeing it's all brass instruments with a drummer of some sort.  The music itself seems to draw from whatever genres they feel like.  There's some Punk influence, some Jazz stuff, basically whatever you'd care to hear is in there somewhere.

I feel like because of this, especially since it's a relatively unknown genre, made it a great way to kick off the A to Z season.  I wish all my fellow bloggers luck, see ya tomorrow.

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  1. We have a similar theme, kind of! I look forward to finding some new music on your blog!

    1. We do indeed! I'm sure this is gonna be a good year for us music blogs, haha

  2. I'm not sure I could think of enough bands for a theme like yours, so I take my hat off to you. Hope your preparations are going well and I look forward to hearing about bands in April.
    Tasha's Theme Reveal

    1. Oh I promise, X and Q are gonna be an absolute pain to fill. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi, here from the A-Z and glad to be here. Excellent theme. Always like some music to accompany the A-Z reading.

    Best of luck for April.


    1. Thanks for swinging by! I'm pretty excited about this year, I feel like it should be the strongest year (for my blog at least) yet. Best of luck to you as well!

  4. Great way to introduce some lesser known bands

    1. I think so too! I can't guarantee everybody will exactly like everything I end up posting, but I think it'll still be a good time.