Monday, June 1, 2015

Let's Talk 6-1-15

Well it's been a while since I did a "normal" type blog post.  April got taken over by the A to Z, and for May I just kinda did that Reflections post so I've not had a chance to just say things at all.

For those of you not interested in my yaking, the song is down at the bottom.

So in the last few months not too many things have happened.  The last 2 weeks though are a different matter.

Firstly, I got promoted!  This is something I've been hoping to have happen for about a year now, and it finally happened.  I'm a Team Coordinator and it's my job to make sure the kitchen doesn't fall apart while I'm on shift.  For the most part my responsibilities are the same as what I have now, but I have actual authority to make people do what I say.  On top of that I'm the only kitchen trainer, so this week for example I'm only on shift Monday and Tuesday cause I'm training Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Secondly, this only happened Saturday afternoon, but I got offered a job at a place I frequent.  I have an interview this evening.  I'm really excited about this, cause it's a low stress second job that I can pick up that focuses on all things that I love.  Music and Video Games.

I mean, that's most of the stuff I have to say, ya know?  I've had a weird couple months here and I've honestly been really unhappy with how things have been going, but the last couple weeks I've been working a lot (last week I managed 51 hours and 35 minutes).  I really love doing that, and I feel like this second job is the way to get enough money to move into my own place soon.


This is a fun song today.  It's Boston's song More Than A Feeling, but digitally altered to make it in a minor key.  Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Less Than A Feeling.

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