Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Panic! At The Disco - Miss Jackson

Band:  Panic! At The Disco feat. LOLO
Genre:  Alternative Rock
Language:  Some

Hey hey, happy election day!  Vote vote vote and all that cause it's it's an American right and all that.

As per my personal policy in life, this blog takes no political stance in the same way I take no public stance.  You wanna know what I believe?  Catch me in person, cause there's no way I'm having that conversation over text when I can be misinterpreted.


Song though!  I rather enjoy most all of Panic!'s songs at this point, and as I listen I'm finding more and more songs that the group wrote that I didn't know before.  This one was a big one actually cause I don't really know where I heard it before, I just know I have.  I have a heck of a time trying to remember to look songs up too, Never been good at that either.  I actually started a spreadsheet of songs to look up and songs to post.  That's me, hella organized about important to me but unimportant to other people things.

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