Saturday, November 12, 2016

Apocalyptica - Helden

Band:  Apocalyptica feat. Till Lindemann
Genre:  Symphonic Metal

Apocalyptica is a group you may have heard of in the past.  They started out as a Metallica tribute act that played all the songs on cello, but they have since evolved to the point that they got a pile of their own tunes that are fantastic.

From time to time they invite vocalists from other groups to sing over a song.  They've released a lot of really solid tunes this way, but this is one of my favorites because it features the amazingly talented vocalist Till Lindemann of Rammstein.

Till is possibly my favorite vocalist in Metal.  The fact that a guy with a voice like his is singing in an industrial metal group instead of something that would gain more mainstream recognition is amazing to me.  He probably wouldn't want to considering his opinions that have been displayed to date, but still.

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