Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Black Keys - She's Long Gone

Band:  The Black Keys
Genre:  Alternative Rock

A friend of mine turned me onto this song a couple weeks ago.  He was telling me about a song where the guitarist played a fiberglass bodied guitar through 3 fuzz boxes and it sounded terribly wonderful.  Well there's no way to resist crappy things that sound good, right?  It's definitely something that I enjoy.

It's that little guitar lick during the chorus, it's really not that bad sounding at all.  I would probably hate it in another song, but it really does fit in perfectly here.  I've got another example of atrocious tone that sounds good in situation as well, but that'll probably wait till Saturday or Sunday cause I already have plans for tomorrow.

Apologies if none of the guitar talk means anything to you.  Honestly I'm not even 100% sure what I'm talking about with it, I just have a vague enough idea as to what I needed to understand.  You can appreciate the music though, it's a really solid song.

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