Saturday, November 19, 2016

Black Crown Initiate - A Great Mistake

Band:  Black Crown Initiate
Genre:  Progressive Black Metal

Honestly I was pretty sold on this song like as soon as I heard that sitar intro.  Basically any Metal song that brings in different instruments are an automatic win in my book.  That's one of the reasons I like Symphonic Metal so much honestly.

These guys aren't Symphonic Metal by any means, but they did have a bangin' intro.

Jeff told be about this band almost 2 years ago now back when he told me about Dark Sermon for the first time; it took me going to one of their shows about a year later before I actually managed to listen to them either, so there ya go.

I'm rather awful at listening to Metal bands that get recommended to me because if it doesn't grab me somehow right away I don't always remember to listen to it again.  Rap music is literally designed to grab me like that so it's easy to get me to listen to them, but seeing as this is a more complex style that makes me actually take the time to listen I don't always check things out as quickly as I should.

But yo, Black Crown Initiate has a cool sound that you don't find many places.  The guitar work reminds me of some of Septicflesh's work, but more refined.

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