Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Showdown - Blood In The Gears

Band:  The Showdown
Genre:  Southern Metal

The Showdown was probably my favorite band for a little while back in 2010.  They had just released the album Blood In The Gears and it was at the time the best thing I had heard.  Turns out when they recorded the album they borrowed a couple of people from Demon Hunter.  Go figure, Demon Hunter was one of my favorites before I even knew it.

But yo, the vocalist for The Showdown is possibly one of my favorites for the Southern Metal style.  He's pretty smooth with his transitions between singing and screaming and his screaming is just good.  It's really perfectly suited for the style of music they play.  Sure, they have a bit of a Pantera fetish, but that works out reasonably well for the band.  It's a solid, crazy, southern style that you don't always find executed in a polished way.

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