Friday, February 17, 2017

Cover Week: Five Finger Death Punch - A New Level

Band:  Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP)
Genre:  Heavy Metal
Language:  Strong

I believe I covered this song a while ago in a rather terrible post that, not only do I ramble on, but all the songs are no longer available for whatever reason.

I mean, the main point I want to try and make is that the song is a good cover, but I feel like I probably owe you guys a little more than that since the post would be done right here if I tried that stunt.

Traditionally there's a mountain of argument that goes into any sort of Pantera cover.  There's the issue with Dime's guitar tone.  The dude had a very unique sound that doesn't translate to other people well because nobody has really replicated his tone.

Then there's Phil and his vocal chord damaging singing style.  The man destroyed his voice over his career which, while commendable, is kinda dumb.  He honestly had one of the largest vocal ranges in Metal which is really noticeable on the song Cemetery Gates.  The notes he hits are astounding considering what he's capable of now.

But this isn't Pantera, this is Five Finger Death Punch.  Honestly, they did a good cover.  They did it back in their early days when Ivan was still a little crazy with his vocal work in his post Motograter days so they captured a little of that psycho that everybody loves.  The music feels like typical Death Punch though, so kinda whatever on that front, ya know?

Solid tune, 3.5 out of 5.

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