Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A to Z Challenge: F is for Faceless

We've talked about Godsmack before and how I really like them even though they're really repetitive.

This is a wonderful example of an album for that.

For instance, the songs Faceless and Changes have extremely similar choruses.  Like, really similar.  come on guys, the songs are even right after the other.

Still though, I do love a lot of these tracks.  Several of them are on my workout playlist actually.

My favorite tracks are:

Straight Out Of Line
Make Me Believe
I Stand Alone
I F*cking Hate You

They're all pretty good songs, and I'd advise checking most or all of them out.  I mean, I think you should listen to the whole album, but that's a lot of time to commit, so I can understand if you don't.


  1. Wait...Godsmack is a band, and God Smack is a song by Alice in Chains? Which came first? Is one a tribute to the other? interesting...

    1. Ah! Actually Godsmack was greatly influenced by Alice in Chains, so while AiC came first Godsmack did take a lot from them.

      Refer to one of my older Godsmack posts to see how they got their name actually.