Thursday, April 2, 2015

A to Z Challenge: B is for Blodsvept

Finntroll.  You might remember the last time I posted these guys, it's a band that I really like a lot, though I haven't really listened past this album.  I only started listening to them within the last 6 months though, so I'll call that ok for now.  I mean really listen to "too much" music, so it's hard to devote too much time to a band that isn't one of the ones that I listened to a lot before the last year.

Since this is the only album of their's I've heard it does contain all the songs of theirs I like though.  I am unable to pronounce half the titles though, so that's a shame.

Still, here goes the list of favorite tracks.

  • Blodsvept
  • Mordminnen
  • Rösets Kung
  • Skövlarens Död
  • Häxbrygd
  • Två Ormar
I like them all a lot, but these ones stand out for whatever reason to me.

Apparently I picked the only album that doesn't have it's full version on YouTube right now, so that sucks.  I'll link to a playlist that should work.


  1. In my day it used to be called "progressive" rock then it morphed into metal. Music is everything. All kinds. I remember going to the Fillmore West and Winterland in San Francisco. Good days. I still go to concerts. Prices are a bit higher... well a whole lot higher, but I love a loud concert still.
    As I See It Daily

    1. What would you say are some bands that you like? Prog Rock is definitely a style that lends to a lot of music, so I am intrigued.