Thursday, September 7, 2017

Halestorm - Mz. Hyde

Band:  Halestorm
Song:  Mz. Hyde
Album:  The Strange Case Of...
Genre:  Alternative Rock
Language:  Brief

So I figure I may as well actually make a full announcement about this since I can't remember if I actually mentioned it or not.  Maybe I dropped like, comments, but here goes then.

I'm actually like, it a band now.  Me and a couple friends put together the whole thing the other day and once we find a new drummer (cause our missed our first meeting and hasn't answered anything yet), we're gonna get together and start things.  Imma be honest, I'm not sure fully what direction we're going.  I know I have a different idea of where I would take this than the other guys in the group do, so I'm really excited for all of our ideas to fall together.

All I know for sure is that Halestorm is going to be a band that we cover, and that's what's important.

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