Sunday, September 3, 2017

Staind - Eyes Wide Open

Band:  Staind
Song:  Eyes Wide Open
Album:  Staind (2011)
Genre:  Hard Rock

I remember when I first heard this on the radio I, for some reason, was convinced that this was a Slipknot song.  I don't know why I would have thought that, but I wasn't too versed in music at the time.  Honestly I probably heard it when it first came out, that would have put me at like, 18, which would add up to when I was just getting into secular Metal as a general rule.

It's obviously not Slipknot, and I don't care for a great amount of Staind's music, but this song is rather fun.  Honestly I think my favorite part is probably that bass riff in the beginning they have going on, that's pretty sick.

So yeah, enjoy the song with an album cover that always creeped me out big time.  It still unsettles me a little to be honest.

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