Thursday, June 15, 2017

Soilwork - Follow The Hollow

Band:  Soilwork
Song:  Follow The Hollow
Album:  Natural Born Chaos
Genre:  Melodic Death Metal
Language:  Brief, Strong

This was my favorite song off of my first Soilwork album.  I remember somebody had told me that they were really good and as was my habit at the time, I just went out and bought one of their albums.  If you actually want to learn more about bands that's a really solid habit by the way.  It get's you way more experience with the band than just listening to singles will give ya and you might be able to get your hipster self on by finding one of those hidden gem tracks.

I really dig this song though.  It grooves really solid much in the way as a lot of Soilwork's music does, but also has a hard edge...  As Soilwork's music does, haha

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