Friday, June 16, 2017

Slipknot - Surfacing

Band:  Slipknot
Song:  Surfacing
Album:  Slipknot
Genre:  Nu-Metal
Language:  Strong

This is one of Slipknot's best live songs hands down.  The way they get the crowd going is just straight up psychotic.  Here's a live video to check out, it's fantastic.

I've always loved this song though ever since I bought this album.  It was a big deal in my opinion since Slipknot was such an edgy band for me at the time, but I managed to get over that and really just enjoy what the band had to offer.

Not to say this first record isn't a little weird.  There's a couple songs that creep me out a little bit toward the end, but that doesn't detract from how solid the album as a whole is.  Hope ya dig the song.

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