Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bobaflex - I'm Glad You're Dead

Band:  Bobaflex
Song:  I'm Glad You're Dead
Album:  Charlatan Web
Genre:  Nu-Metal, Southern Metal

The last time I posted Bobaflex the band actually noticed and commented on the post.  That was freaking cool and actually boosted my views here for a long time.  Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

So I was gonna wait to post them again till I hit up a cover week since they recently did a cover of Hey You by Pink Floyd.  They knocked it out actually, really solidly done.  I opted to wait for more cover songs for a bit though so here's this one instead, yeah?

It's a really solid song that has all the grit and punch I really like about their music.  The whole thing just comes together in a really good way.  I dig it.

Side note, today is post #999, which is kinda a big deal.  Post 1000 is tomorrow and I'm kinda psyched about it.

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