Monday, June 26, 2017

Bravura - Battle Of The Suns

Band:  Bravura
Song:  Battle Of The Suns
Album:  Battle Of The Suns
Genre:  Blackened Death Metal

Yo, my dudes in Bravura dropped a music video on Saturday!

These guys released a fantastic album a month or so ago that I really loved.  I was gonna post some stuff from it, but I figured I'd wait till they released a music video cause I knew it was coming sooner than later.

So first off, the video is great.  It's honestly really freaking good.  I loved it.

Second.  The song is amazing.  The guitar leads are freaking tight and the whole band clearly works well together.  I've got huge bass player envy for their bassist too, he plays way too fast and I'm never gonna be able to match that.

Then there's Steve's vocals.  This isn't the best example of what I'm about to say, but you can buy the album for cheap or stream it to check what I mean.  But his vocal work just sounds straight up painful.  Like, I don't know what he does to himself, but he just rips out this horrendous raspy wonderful noise and can still talk like a normal human outside of the band.  Mad respect my man, that's intense.

Check it guys, and check the rest of the album too, it's solid work.

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