Thursday, June 1, 2017

Godsmack - Whatever

Band:  Godsmack
Song:  Whatever
Album:  Godsmack
Genre:  Hard Rock
Language:  Strong

Every now and then you need a good basic chug band, yeah?  Godsmack is that chuggy Rock band that everybody needs in their life from time to time.

Their albums all sound the same for the most part, so really it just boils down to finding the album with your favorite rhythm on it, or your favorite weird mysticism track.  I have favorites throughout their albums, but it's really hard to find them because so many of their songs sound the same that I have a really hard time tracking them down without having lyrics to Google search.

Like this song.  The line is "Better f*cking go away" but I always thought it was *In a f*cking doorway", so finding this one was hard enough even "having" lyrics to search for.  Solid tune though, so I hope ya like it.

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