Monday, June 5, 2017

Decyfer Down - Nothing More

Band:  Decyfer Down
Song:  Nothing More
Album:  The Other Side Of Darkness
Genre:  Hard Rock

Another really solid entry into the Christian Hard Rock scene, here we have Decyfer Down.  They've had a reasonably solid crossover success since 2009 area.

Their songs are solid.  The general sound of Hard Rock has always been really hard edged, but these guys manage to hit the right mix of riffs to rhythm that I'm just really digging.

A lot of what they play reminds me of some of Disciples stuff, it kinda makes me wonder if they work together at all.  They share a label, so I almost wouldn't be surprised.

Shout out to my bother for this song and band though, I look forward to learning more about them and getting more into some of their music.

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