Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A to Z 2K17: V is for Venom

Band:  Venom
Song:  Rip Ride
Album:  At War With Satan
Genre:  Thrash Metal

Here we've got some of the granddadies of the good strain of Black Metal.  These dudes formed in 79, right about when the New Wave British Heavy Metal thing was at it's peak, but they wanted a more extreme flavor of music that what was available.  There was Metal around at the time, I mean Sabbath dropped their first 2 albums in 1970, but there wasn't fast Metal really.  Then you got some of the Power Metal-y bands like Iron Maiden, but they were clean, not harsh.  AC/DC was putting out harsher sounding stuff since 73, but once again, not quite what Venom was after.  Closest thing was actually Motörhead.

So yeah, they picked up their Satan aesthetic, some fast distorted bass stolen from Motörhead, and slammed into the scene right as the 80s rolled around.

I wouldn't say that these guys sparked the Thrash scene, but they definitely didn't hurt it.  They did help that Black Metal scene take foot, so they can't be that bad, right?

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  1. Man, I dig this. I remember this era as a kid, because the badass kids at school listened to this stuff. Makes me nostalgic for music like this.


    V is for Vague Differences Between Protect and Shelter

    1. Any time I play these guys I just remember my brother telling me he thought I'd like it because "it's close enough to that kind of just bad music you seem to like for some reason." I mean he was right, but still, haha