Friday, April 14, 2017

A to Z 2K17: L is for Linkin Park

Band:  Linkin Park
Song:  In The End
Album:  Hybrid Theory
Genre:  Nu-Metal

There's a sort of emo attraction to Linkin Park that I have.  It's one of the times when I feel like I could relate to a song but I don't want to be attached to the label of people who identify to the song.  I really strive to have a certain personal label that wouldn't really work with getting into feelsy things, especially depressing feelsy songs.

But all that aside, I really do love this song, as well as a few of their others.  For all the crap I've given them over the years they really are a fun group to listen to, and that's what's important.

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  1. Thanks for featuring them! Not only because I love them (starting with this song of course) but also because I could use your post to cross out the "fandom item" in the A to Z bingo :-P

  2. Linkin Park has been my favorite band for a very long time. Since their first album was released in 2000. I've seen them live quite a few times and have stated the only way to get me back to RockFest in Kansas City is to have Linkin Park make an appearance.

    I'm not sure what to think about their two new songs that have been released. I feel like they are going for the more gamer like music. It sounds okay, just not Linkin Park like. The genre changed a lot.

    Once Upon a Time

    1. I have a lot of mixed feelings about their newer songs as well. It's not like the music is bad, it's just not what I go to Linkin Park for.

  3. Great song choice! I love your A-Z theme! :)

    With Love,

    1. Thanks! Yours is great as well, thanks for the visit!

  4. Good choice song :) I did my A to Z music post for the letter M.