Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A to Z 2K17: C is for The Correspondents

Band:  The Correspondents
Song:  Fear And Delight
Album:  Puppet Loosely Strung
Genre:  Electro-Swing

So I have a friend who's a film major.  I went to visit him over the weekend last week and found he's discovered the wonderful little world of Electro-Swing.  Now I'm not super familiar with a lot of the artists in this genre, but I do know that they're a blast to listen to.  It's classy sounding music to be playing in the background of events when you want to be modern but also old school type vibe.  Good stuff.

Anyway, as a film dude I thought he'd enjoy aspects of the Praise Abort video.  I was right, he did a bit.  While we were watching though apparently I remined him of another video, this one.

I forget how many cameras he said were involved, but all the circle shots were done in a single take.  Not like, first try or anything, but more in the area of there's not really editing tricks as much as there's a pile of fun camera angles working for ya.  It's a catchy song and a really cool video, so I hope ya like it.

Comment, Share, yell at me!  Catch ya for the letter D tomorrow.

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  1. Replies
    1. Right? I loved it, such a slick thing to watch.

  2. I like this one! The video makes it even better.

    1. As do I! It's always fun to find new music in an off genre