Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cage The Elephant - Cry Baby

Band:  Cage The Elephant
Genre:  Alternative Rock

I feel like there were a couple of people that were a little salty about these guys managing to steal the grammy for Best Rock Album this year.  I get it, it's really not the strongest Rock release this year.  If I were to pick I probably would have given it to Panic! at the Disco because Death of a Bachelor was a fantastic release.  The more I listen to the Cage album the more I kinda like it though, so who am I to judge.  There's not as many elements I like about it as the Panic! album, but that also could be cause traditionally I'm not as huge a fan of mellower music.

All in Tell Me I'm Pretty is a pretty good album though, so I hope you check it out and enjoy it.

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