Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Converge - Thaw

Band:  Converge
Genre:  Hardcore, Grindcore

There's something about the extremely confined yet chaotic noise that tends to be Grindcore.  It's a psychotic mess, but then it all comes together to punch you in the face really hard and move on.

I feel like if I was hired to sell music to people I probably would either do really well or really terribly, but no in between ground at all.  I sell based on the emotion usually, and honestly that doesn't always reach people.  I can always appreciate technically beautiful music, but at the same time I base most of my music love on whatever I tie it to.

Also I dunno if you guys noticed, but the last week plus was all bands that started with the letter C.  An unofficial theme of sorts to launch into a real theme week tomorrow.  It's gonna be good.  Hella emotional.

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