Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Childish Gambino - Bonfire

Artist:  Childish Gambino
Genre:  Rap, Hip Hop
Language:  Strong

Since my last post about Gambino I've learned an awful lot more about him than I did before.  Mostly though I heard some new songs that I love a lot.

First things first, the album that Bonfire is on, Camp, is amazing.  It's so freaking good, like, yo.

Secondly, Bonfire is a straight fire track.  I really love that term honestly, it's a really solid description for certain Rap tracks.  There are some things and phrases from the Rap community that I don't care for, but this is a pretty good one.

Aight, so Donald Glover is gonna be the new Lando in Star Wars, and his most recent album was pretty good.  All in all, he's doing pretty well in the world right now.  I'm looking forward to seeing if he does anything new this year.

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