Sunday, July 23, 2017

Project 86 - My Will Be A Dead Man

Band:  Project 86 (P86)
Song:  My Will Be A Dead Man
Album:  And The Rest Will Follow
Genre:  Post Hardcore

Sometimes bands aren't ignored because they are too "edgy" for the Christian community, sometimes it's because they're not obvious enough.  Project 86 are like, the king of metaphors and such.

I was gonna continue the whole issues I have with the Christian community hating on Metal music, but I'm don't have any more annoyance about it.  Though I still have issues with how angry some people I know get about Christian bands touring in "non-christian" settings.  Like when Flyleaf was playing in Vegas for a little bit.  Look into that, Lacey had a great quote on it.  Instead of my agenda though I'm just gonna go back to pointing you toward songs I like a lot and some trivia.

Project 86 was touring with Linkin Park back when they were both smaller.  Linkin Park however managed to land getting the main song in the Transformers movie and it helped boost them to the superstar status that they're at now.  Unfortunately as many of you know, Chester Bennington died on the 20th, it's something that hit a lot of people really hard.  I feel bad because I never really listened to Linkin Park so I don't really relate to the whole situation in the same way a lot of my friends do, but I can't deny that the dude had a fantastic voice and that the scene is going to hurt without him

So yeah, here's a song about struggling with your own head, which I had picked before Chester died.  I feel like it's oddly appropriate though.

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