Friday, July 21, 2017

Sleeping Giant - Clutches

Band:  Sleeping Giant
Song:  Clutches
Album:  Finished People
Genre:  Hardcore

Oh hey, it's a song that's rather similar to the point I was trying to make yesterday.

I have a lot of people tell me on a very regular basis that I'm not allowed to listen to secular Metal.  I personally greatly disagree with this a lot, but I can see where people are coming from with it.

Let's say your lifestyle was all about music, but you were into really nasty stuff like, the extreme Black Metal scene.  I would in that situation advise you to stop listening to that stuff, it's not gonna help you out at all.  But at the same time I am also going to be peeved if you try to tell me that I, with no past problems with the situation, need to stop listening to Metal in general because it's "satanic".

It's like the whole alcohol argument.  I'm not going to stop enjoying a drink from time to time because there's people in the world that struggle with it.  Not to be all "That's not my problem", but I can't be held accountable for everybody in the world.

It's the same deal with music.  I can't be held accountable for other people having a bad past with the stuff, I just need to be sensitive when I'm around them that it's a part of their life they need to put behind them.

All that to say though, that's not a valid reason to have all white labeled Christian tunes be the same mediocre genre.  We have a local radio station that plays CCM almost exclusively.  They are one of the more popular stations in town, but they are also the only Christian station so they kinda win by default for a lot of people.  People get scared away when they think that's the life they get locked into.  You know the image, block color polos and khakis, all the music is played on airy synths and sung by vocalists who are using almost exclusively their upper range, and all fun is cut out of your life.  Not true, but stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

So here's another solid Christian band to help break that mold.

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