Saturday, July 1, 2017

Iron Maiden - Tailgunner

Band:  Iron Maiden
Song:  Tailgunner
Album:  No Prayer For The Dying
Genre:  New Wave British Heavy Metal
Language:  Brief, Strong

For the most part this album was one of Maiden's weakest releases.  Most of that honestly is cause the album as a whole doesn't sound like most of the rest of Maiden's music.  They've released an awful lot of music, but even when going through a couple different vocalists they managed to keep a solid sound to them.

For some reason though this album was a little more out there than what the rest of the stuff was.  Not out there like super experimental, it just sounded very different.  There weren't as many harmonized guitar lines, there weren't as many hard and fast songs, it was kinda weak.

Honestly though, I kinda liked it.  There are a solid 4 or so songs on this album that I actually like a lot.  Hope you like this one too.

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