Friday, July 28, 2017

P!nk - Just Like Fire

Artist:  P!nk
Song:  Just Like Fire
Album:  Alive Through The Looking Glass Soundtrack
Genre:  Pop

So I have a bit of a project I'm working on for another connected string of posts, but I want to make sure I actually do them justice, so there might be a couple iffy posts on the in between.

For the next few days I'm gonna be posting artists who are not only impressive vocally, but also amazing at putting on a stage show.

Honestly, I should be shot if I didn't decide to include P!nk on this list.  Outside of just being a straight up amazing vocalist she's managed to keep up a fantastic stage show for years.  Like, she's crazy acrobatic at her live shows.  Peep the link here and skip about halfway through to watch her singing, not missing a note, while upside down and also flipping around.  Freaking heck man, how do you even do that.  Pisses me off.

I had no clue how many songs of hers I had heard a lot before till I looked through some of her hits tonight picking this one.  Like, I know a lot more of her songs than I thought I did.  Dude.

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