Saturday, July 22, 2017

Red - Release The Panic

Band:  Red
Song:  Release The Panic
Album:  Release The Panic
Genre:  Hard Rock

Heads up, this post is bugged out and I don't know why.

So to be fair, a couple of the bands I've posted in this whole stretch are now broken up or mostly inactive.  Impending Doom hasn't done anything for a few years up till the last 8 months or so leading to this new album, Sleeping Giant is mostly inactive, and Haste The Day broke up, reunited, and broke up again.  This has nothing to do with my agenda laden points I've been dropping, I just wanted to give y'all fair warning that if you like these guys you can't catch them live for the most part.

You can catch Red though, and you can catch them at all sorts of events too.  For example, they just finished a tour with Breaking Benjamin.  "Wait" I hear you say, "Breaking Benjamin is a Christian band?"

No.  And a load of people gave Red crap about touring with a *gasp* secular artist.  The same people that gave Head a lot of crap when he re joined Korn, the same people who crapped on Flyleaf for touring with Drowning Pool, and the same people that gave Demon Hunter crap for playing at a festival that wasn't exclusively Christian.

A post shared by Demon Hunter (@demonhunter) on
Oh the horror.  (in case this doesn't show, it's the concert lineup that Demon Hunter posted on instagram.)

That brings me to another point I've neglected to this point a little, but I'll talk about it tomorrow.

Enjoy one of my favorite Red songs.


  1. Hey, I actually knew five of those bands in addition to Demon Hunter! And thanks for fixing the pic.

    1. I'm familiar with everyone except Whores and Kyng, though for some reason I feel like I don't really want to check them out, haha

      And I had to reload almost the whole post, it was weird.