Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Title Track Tuesdays: Godsmack - Faceless

Band:  Godsmack
Genre:  Heavy Metal

Let's be real now, Godsmack makes an album that is on average 11 songs long, have 2 low key kinda middle eastern sounding tracks, and 9 tracks that don't really sound too different.  You've got the albums that are saturated with the Wah pedal, you've got the ones that only have a little in the solo.  There's that one crazy acoustic album, but it doesn't even really count cause it's a special case, ya feel?

So with that in mind, let's look at Faceless.  With what I said we all should know that this song is kinda a shoe in for "Yeah, it represents the album", so we'll just go ahead and say that now.

But I'm not going to just skate past the fact that there are a couple songs on here that just straight up sound alike.  Firstly, you are actually able to just skip through the album from about the middle of each song on and it mostly could be the same song.  That's just Godsmack's style though, so we'll let that pass.

What I will not let pass is the fact that two of the songs on the album sound just like each other.  I can't find them right now because my Spotify is messing up, but if you listen through the album it's really obvious.

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