Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Excision - 8 Bit Superhero

Artist:  Excision & Datsik
Genre:  Dubstep

Yo, it's my birthday so I feel no obligation due to the events of the week to put any sort of effort into this.

This is finally my last day freaking house sitting, it's glorious.  Since I'm writing this in advance though I get all kinds of inside scoop details that I'm gonna write like it's happening live.  #YOLO

So firstly, the person who does scheduling at work decided to be hella nice to me and wrote me in at 8am instead of 6, which is basically the best thing ever.  I've got time to sleep in and pack up before this dude gets back home.

Secondly, this song is freaking bouncy and is kinda one of my favorite songs right now.  Please enjoy it, or else you'll ruin my birthday, haha

Yo, you know what we need to do?  Get some sort of participation thing going.  I'd love to get genre requests or review requests, ya dig?

Eh, whatever though, Imma sign out now.

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