Sunday, August 14, 2016

J. Cole - A Tale Of 2 Cities

Artist:  J. Cole
Genre:  Rap
Language:  Strong

My friend Jozy has been bugging the crap out of me about listening to J. Cole, so here we go.  The only song I've actually remembered to listen to more than once, and it's rather good.

I really like the whole falling apart sound that the beat has in the beginning, it helps to lend a level of unease to the song that just makes the whole thing feel more real.  Outside of that obviously we've also got the whole story here.  It's talking about how anybody can flip and become a killer or criminal if they get pushed enough, but not in like, a glorifying way.  It's clear that this isn't what he wanted in the story, but that it kinda ended up happening and now he's trapped with it.

Hope you like it.

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