Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rammstein - Tier

Band:  Rammstein
Genre:  Industrial Metal

So firstly huge shoutout to Bobaflex if any of those dudes stick around for any other posts.  I posted their band yesterday and all the sudden I'm getting Facebook page likes and other such attention.  Turns out they liked my page and even took the time to comment here, so that's hella dope in my opinion.  \m/

Aight, this is a freaking 2 AM post though because, once again, I was enjoy the time my friend is back in town.  Had another dude with us tonight though who, while we were listening to all kinds of tunes, asked for some Rammstein.  I'm always down for that cause Rammstein is freaking awesome, so we started up with that.  He requested either this song or Bestrafe Mich, so we went with this one.  Pro tip, the other song is great as well, the whole album is wonderful.  You've probably heard the song Du Hast, which is also on the album.

But yeah man, good times.  Apologies for the shoddy quality posts, I'm just really freaking tired.  I'll be better tomorrow I think.

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