Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Band:  The Smashing Pumpkins
Genre:  Grunge

Started closing at work recently and that lends to a whole new group of people to share music with.  I went from working from 6AM till like 3PM, to working like 2PM till 11:30PM which means I see almost none of the same people at all honestly.  It kinda sucks.

But ya know what, change is good, especially since it came with a promotion and such.

One of the guys wanted me to listen to The Smashing Pumpkins because even though he isn't about this kind of music anymore he knows I want new music all the time.

Well here ya go, the singer's voice is a little annoying, but I'm no stranger to slightly annoying vocalists, right?

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