Monday, September 12, 2016

Rings Of Saturn - Natural Selection

Band:  Rings Of Saturn
Genre:  Deathcore, Technical Death Metal, Aliencore

Saw these guys tour with Thy Art Is Murder a few months back and they probably were the most interesting band in the way that they opened their set.

The singer who had clearly been smoking more than a little weed before hand walks on stage after the instrument sound check and, after grabbing the mic just stares at the crowd.

He then starts just saying the word "meow".  The whole crowd starts repeating him and he starts saying things like "Meow says the cat.  Meow says the....  Dog."  After that he just stared at us all and said "We are Rings of Saturn and we're going to play you some songs.  This is one of them."  At this point they immediately launched into one of the songs off of their newest album, the art for which is pictured above.

Solid time, I'd recommend seeing them live for the experience.

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