Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ghost - Square Hammer

Band:  Ghost (Ghost BC)
Genre:  Rock

Hold the freaking phone, Ghost just released an EP to accompany the "Popestar" tour and this song is straight up amazing.

Like, I'm not the biggest fan Ghost has ever had, but you really can't knock the style they do everything with, ya know?  The fact that they took this band from "just another satan band" and turned it into such a huge Horror Rock piece is terrific.  The music is solid too, it's like old 80s Sabbath era Metal with better sound quality.

And let's not even get started on this music video.  It's like, a horror movie from the 30s or something and you need it in your life, please please please watch it.  For me.

Also even cooler news, THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF YEAR 3 OF THIS BLOG!  hypehypehypehypehypehypehypehypehypehype

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