Sunday, September 25, 2016

Project 86 - Evil (A Chorus Of Resistance)

Band:  Project 86 (P86)
Genre:  Post Hardcore

Who doesn't love a good food fight?  Apparently P86 is a rather large fan of them because this whole music video is one of the more intense food fights you're gonna see, ya feel?

Now I gotta be clear here, I love this album.  This was a really good album that P86 put out; this was hands down their "weird" album though.  (by the way, see that mutha'?  I used a semicolon.  Probably wrong, but at least I'm breaking my unending string of commas, be happy for me.)  A lot of bands seem to have that one "weird" album that doesn't really fit the sound they'd established for themselves in albums past.  For Slipknot it was Vol. 3, for Stone Sour it was Audio Secrecy, for Metallica it was Saint Anger, and so on and so forth.  You can generally find an album like this that quite often marks a change in the band's sound.  The ones I mentioned were more of a stand alone change and not a total stylistic change, but there are dozens of bands I'm sure that come to mind for you that had "That one album" that changed their sound either for better or worse.

The cool thing about this album is this is mostly the direction that a lot of P86's later albums took.  Not quite as extreme as this album shows, but still more than the old RATM style music they had on the first couple albums.  Took a few albums for it to take though, but I still think you could hold this album up as an example of major change with the group.

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