Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fit For An Autopsy - Absolute Hope Absolute Hell

Band:  Fit For An Autopsy
Genre:  Deathcore
Language:  Some, Strong

So I got to see these guys open during the Thy Art Is Murder show that I saw Rings Of Saturn at.  I wanna say they were the 3rd band of the night and if memory serves they had a decent show.  It was kinda generic sounding stuff, but I also kinda assumed that's what I was getting into when I went to see the show, ya know?

Well the singer was helping man the merch booth during one of the later sets and I had a chance to talk to him.  He was a super cool dude, really humble and interested in talking.  We talked music for a little bit and it was a genuinely nice conversation.

Their music is pretty nice as well, but it's definitely something that a lot of people won't be into.

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