Monday, September 19, 2016

ODESZA - Say My Name

Band:  ODESZA feat. Zyra
Genre:  Electropop

On one hand I have the misfortune of working with only one person that actually likes my kind of music.  On the other though, the lack of sameness makes me listen to a lot of different kinds of music, ya know?

I've accidentally tried to talk music with 3 different people now that listen to this kind of music.  I don't look for people with such an opposite music taste, it just kinda happens.  Like, my music generally is either really heavy or just really intense and this stuff is clearly here to help people stay calm.  I dunno man, it's weird.

I couldn't listen to this at my main job, but the side one is office work and I could totally work with this stuff in the background there.  At least I could if my office work didn't consist of working with music loops and such.  Eh.

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