Thursday, September 8, 2016

NF - Grindin'

Arist:  NF feat. Marty
Genre:  Rap

So this is the song that my brother can rap rather well.  It's a really catchy song though, and it's kinda the thing that made me start to enjoy NF a bit.

I wasn't too into him for a bit because his beats are hella simple.  Like, I've got guys like Stevie Stone and Kanye who have these crazy intricate beats that carry a lot of the song, but NF likes to carry the song by himself.  Doing the  work that most people have the beats do, ya know?  I had a lot of issues with that at first cause a lot of the songs I listened to kinda had very similar sounds going on, but I'm a lot more ok with the stuff now then I had been, and that means I scored a cool new rapper to listen to, eh?

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