Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Showdown - Heavy Lies The Crown

Band:  The Showdown
Genre:  Southern Metal

Oh look, the band that I'm still really ticked that they broke up.

I'm even more annoyed since they were surprisingly active on Facebook a little while ago and I thought that they might be coming back, ya know?  I really loved their music

But hey, I still own their CDs so I can still listen to them all I want.  It's not ideal since I'm never going to get to see them live now, but it's still an option.  I'm trying to stick to the albums that my friend originally gave me way back when, and I already posted my all time favorites off of this album so you'll have to settle for second place today.

Only another threeish more days of the Matt throwback stuff.  After that we're gonna hit up the stuff that my parents gave me when I first started listening to music

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