Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dan+Shay - Obsessed

Artist:  Dan + Shay
Genre:  Country

Well well well, how you doing Mr Shay Mooney?  Please stay off of my Spotify.

Got a fun story about this dude actually.  Met him quite a while ago (maybe 6 years ago?) and I thought he was pretty cool.  He came in to lead worship at our youth group and we were all impressed because his band had just won the national Fine Arts competition within the Assemblies of God churches.  Hot stuff since our band sucked and we had just bombed out the second stage hardcore.

Well that's the first encounter I ever had with him.  We became friends on Facebook and I enjoy following him through his music journey.  Since I had kinda wanted to become a rockstar and leader of a cult when I graduated it was kinda cool for me, ya know?

Well some of my friends were less than thrilled with him though.  Like, they were really pissed.  I think it was mostly because he was tight with Rihanna or something for a while.  They didn't think he should associate with people who were as blatantly non christian since he was associated with a lot of church stuff.

Speaking of church stuff, he has a song of him helping lead worship with Allison Park.  It's a solid song, we played it in church for a while after the album was released.  Still though, literally a month before this song was put out there was another song that was put out.  With T-Pain actually.

That made my friends even angrier actually which was kinda funny since I actually was a bit of a fan of T-Pain at the time.

Then he got in his country band and got on Ellen and the rest is history.

I can't stand his music cause it's the crappy pop Country that is even worse than regular Country.  Good for him for making his music career work though, that's really difficult.


  1. I got such a kick out of the happy for him/hate his music thing here. I'm glad you can separate the person/journey from the rest. Maybe he's being judged unfairly, maybe not, but at least he's getting his stuff out there.

    1. Thing is I really can't deny that the group is solid, ya know? As far as their genre they're actually really good.