Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Brian "Head" Welch - Washed By Blood

Artist:  Brian "Head" Welch
Genre:  Nu-Metal

Korn's ex-exguitarist Head had a band back in the day.  Not Love and Death, but just a solo act type deal.  It was really good music cause he had a really great band backing him.  Lots of people too, about 11 including all the vocalists that were brought in.

The whole album was great, but I feel like if we're gonna throw a song in the mix here it may as well be the one that's 9 minutes long, right?  He has a song that's all about crystal meth addiction that has a pretty intense video to go with it, but I feel like that's better saved for when I'm going for an intense video theme since finding those can be difficult.

Good song here though, really strong vocal work in the chorus that I personally am a fan of.

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