Saturday, June 11, 2016

Impending Doom - Nailed. Dead. Risen

Band:  Impending Doom
Genre:  Deathcore

So I rather like this song.  In fact, I have the title and logo tattooed on my arm.  #Devotion

I was straight up terrified of these guys the first time I heard them.  Like, holy crap.  The sound was way too intense for me and I kinda set them off to the side.

I remember my friend had called them Death Metal so for the longest time I was under the impression that Deathcore and Death Metal were the same things.  They aren't, for those of you who don't know.  Here's a bit of a funny example of the difference.

It's a solid song though, once you're into the style you'll realize it.  Honestly this album is a lot more like a Grind album in a lot of ways, but we're still gonna call it Deathcore cause that's what the main pull is.

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