Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kill The Noise - Kill The Noise Part 1

Artist:  Kill The Noise
Genre:  Dubstep

It may surprise you, but back in the day I was really into YouTube stuff.  One of the guys I used to follow is called Jacksfilms.  You might be familiar with his "Your Grammar Sucks" videos?  Anyway he had a short run of videos called "Dubstep Solves Everything" that I always found really amusing.  The last one had this dude named Mike Diva in it and I rather liked his stuff, it was all retro 80s future type aesthetics and just kinda looked cool.

About 2 years ago I kinda just dropped all the YouTube stuff I used to care about a lot.  I ran out of time, I outgrew the jokes, I dunno.  But yeah, I decided to finally look past my music channels for a little bit to look in on my old standbys.  For a few days here we're gonna embark on a nostalgia trip / cringefest of looking through all of my old YouTubers that have music videos.

Enjoy the wonderful work of Mike Diva who directed this video.  Prepare to see him featured again soon.

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