Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lamb Of God - Redneck

This is the original version of the song I posted a while back.  You may recall the Kesha mashup thing?

This song is probably one of my favorite songs by LoG, though that does bug me since it's one of their singles and the hipster in me wants to like the song that isn't as commonly enjoyed by people.  Ah well.

The song has some pretty trashing lyrics if you listen to it.  It talks about the singer of a band being a total..  Well, Redneck.  In some interviews the band said that it was about any singer who you thought acted like that and that is still a pretty good explanation.  However, it is not entirely true.

Turns out the song is actually about LoG's singer, Randy Blythe.  The band tends to take their frustrations out in music, and apparently some of the band had some issues with their singer's attitude.  I'm not sure if Randy knew about it right away, but it is public knowledge now and whatever came from it is long past.  They still play it, so he either doesn't care or has matured enough to know that it's just a song.

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