Friday, December 12, 2014

5FDP - The Bleeding

Back in the early days 5FDP was a legit good band.  They weren't too "bro" and they had a solid angry sound that really majorly killed it.

This is one of the songs off of the first album when Ivan Moody was still kinda singing like he was is Motograter, which is a really good thing.  In my opinion, this was probably his best sound he's ever had.  It was raw, unpolished, and had this punch that you just can't beat.  Unfortunately the band has moved past that point, so we'll not get to hear this anymore.

I'm really not sure how this song is supposed to be interpreted, because it almost sounds like an apology song, but then it's an I hate you song, and then it's just a pile of confusion.  It's kinda weird, but I can dig it cause it's super powerful feeling.

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