Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party

Happy New Years Eve!

I know today would usually be Jeff's day to post, but since the end of the year can only be party music (and he really doesn't listen to that really) he went yesterday and I shall post as usual today.

The thing I like about Pitbull is that he's a really simple writer.  Like, really though.  Allow me to give you a list like I did with Godsmack.

  • Announce that you are "Mister Worldwide"
  • Begin repetitive music
  • Sing the hook
  • Sing the hook in Spanish
  • (repeat)
  • Sing the verse with some Spanish and some English
  • Hit that hook again in English and Spanish
  • Maybe another verse of the same type
  • And now that hook again

I know this may seem like I'm over simplifying, but come on guys, look at his songs and tell me I'm wrong.  Also it's fun to strip an artist down to their stereotypes.

Honestly I still hate the fact that I really enjoy this music sometimes, but it's stuff that other people actually sometimes like, so that's nice, right?

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